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Our in-depth understanding of various industry verticals enable us to provide innovative and end-to-end technology solutions. We leverage our business knowledge with our expertise across various lines of technology, through our 'Web of Participation' structure which enables us to bring out the most innovative solutions in every business and technology domain.


Internet, wireless technology, and straight-through processing (STP) have created a paradigm shift in the banking industry from brick and mortar banks to banking virtually across time zones, geographical locations, access points and delivery channels.

  • subjectConsulting and research services
    • Management consultancy and business process reengineering
    • Management information systems and decision support systems
    • Management audit
    • Systems audit
    • Process Re-engineering
    • Risk management (both credit and market risk)
    • Costing
    • Balanced score card and performance management
    • Organizational development & restructuring
    • IT strategy consultancy
  • subjectOther services to the banking industry in realizing operational solutions.
    • e-Banking, e-docs and e-commerce solutions
    • Application software design, development, implementation, training and support in the areas of retail banking, wholesale banking, and treasury
    • Integration with a variety of electronic delivery channels like ATM, tele-banking, internet, mobile banking and call center operations
    • Facilities management, outsourcing and system integration services
    • Integration with Windows/Mainframe application
    • Legacy System Integration


Technology changes the financial markets a lot. Internet trading and B2B trading increases the profit and speed of operations. The competition is cut-throat. The opportunities are global and so are your challenges.

  • subjectWe offer consulting services in a wide range of areas to all players in the securities market
    • Stock exchanges
    • Portfolio management
    • Depositories
    • Foreign exchange
    • Loans, LC, LG.
    • Money market
    • Brokerage firms
    • Rating agencies
    • Mutual funds
    • Treasury Operations
  • subjectService Areas
    • Business analysis, system design and development
    • Reengineering of applications
    • Maintenance and support of applications
    • Establishment of process flows
    • B2B server Integrations
    • Migration to client-server architectures


In the e-commerce world, Production and process industries are faced with the challenge of a highly dynamic and interactive business environment. Effectively managing the flow of information across key operational interfaces: supplier-procurement, raw material-production, operations-maintenance, product-distribution, retail-customer - the extended supply chain of the organization - is the key to managing a successful transformation to address the needs of today's marketplace.

Interland dedicated software solutions and services in IT - E-commerce for manufacturing and process industries help companies optimize their production process and integrate operational requirements with enterprise-level decision-making processes

  • subjectConsulting
    • Strategic Planning: business process re-engineering, information systems and technology planning and business performance reviews.
    • IT Infrastructure and Systems Integration: systems integrity evaluation, information needs and coverage analysis, infrastructure and systems benchmarking
    • Enterprise Asset Management: resource and asset plans, maintenance management systems, cost reduction solutions and best practice assessments
    • Supply Chain Optimization Solutions: demand and distribution solutions and logistics and cost models
    • Production Planning and Optimization: systems analysis and production models
    • Advanced Process Control and Optimization: systems analysis, productivity solutions, process models, control strategies and components
  • subjectService Areas
    • Performance benchmarking and systems assessment
    • Performance target specification and strategy selection
    • Package selection and solution implementation
    • Reengineering legacy applications
    • Application maintenance support
    • IT infrastructure setup and management

Health Care

With help of business and technology expertise by using latest information technology aspects , Inter Land helps clients towards better managed care, by providing state-of-the-art, end-to-end healthcare solutions in areas that include hospital/patient management systems and decision support systems.

  • subjectMore

    We provide consulting for developing health portals, medical transcription operations and setting up telemedicine facilities which enable access to quality medical advice and information across distances. Our services include:

    • Management consultancy
    • Bespoke software development
    • Customization and implementation of our products
    • Customization and implementation of third party products

    We execute turnkey projects for hospitals and healthcare institutes in which we provide end-to-end solutions from hardware, software, networking, to fully integrated and scaleable internet solutions.

  • subjectPatient care
    • OPD
    • ADT
    • Ward Management
    • Medical Check - Up
    • Laboratory
    • Staff Allocation
  • subjectAdministration
    • Stores
    • Pharmacy
    • Billing
    • Financial Accounting
    • Payroll
    • Personnel
  • subjectAncillary Services
    • Diet / Kitchen
    • CSSD
    • Laundry
    • Manifold
    • Blood bank
    • Medical Records

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